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About our company...

We are a specialty custom metal sawing job shop. Our goal is to provide the best quality service possible at a fair cost and on-time deliveries.

Job sizes range from single part orders to our largest order to date of 1.5 million pieces.

We specialize in sawing the more difficult jobs, high labor jobs where greater care is needed , close tolerance parts, angle sawing, compound angle sawing (mostly of large heavy wall tube) cutting notches and slots, aluminum sheets and plates, and floor grating. We also have some capacity for sawing carbon, tool steel and stainless steel plates, small thin wall tubing, and carbon and stainless steel tubing.

Exceptional Service

Master Metal Cutting You can depend on our long-standing reputation for exceptional quality and service and “just in time” delivery, especially for jobs that are repeated on a month-to-month basis, so you never have to worry about interrupting your own production schedule. And at Master Metal Cutting you can always deal directly with the people in charge of your job.

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When you are looking for a dependable, long-term producer of quality-sawn parts, send for more information about Master Metal Cutting, or call us today:

Phone: (888) 555-1234 Fax: (612) 555-4321

Master Metal Cutting has the following machine capabilities in service:

Band Saws:

  • One - 18" Capacity Fully Automatic
  • One - 16" Capacity Fully Automatic
  • Two - 14" Diameter Fully Automatic
  • Six - 13" Capacity Fully Automatic
  • Two - 10" Capacity Fully Automatic
  • One - 18" x 20" Miter Saw w/PC Control & Material Handling
  • One - 18" x 20" Miter Saw Fully Automatic
  • One - 18" x 20" Miter Saw Semi-Automatic
  • One - 18" x 36" Bar Grating Saw Semi-Automatic
  • One - 6" Diameter x 60 Degree Miter Saw

Cold Saws

Master Metal Cutting
  • One - 4" Diameter Ferrous Semi-Automatic
  • One - 5" Diameter Non-Ferrous Miter Fully Automatic
  • One - 5" Diameter Non-Ferrous Miter Semi-Automatic

Plate Saw

  • 6" x 12" Capacity for cutting non-ferrous sheet and plate.

Carriage Saw

  • Sawing non-ferrous sheet and plate, making geometric cuts on sheet bar and plate, hexes and circles, etc.

Full Capabilities

Now more than ever Master Metal Cutting is capable of handling more precise and complex metal sawing jobs for your more demanding metal parts and components.

We specialize in cutting acute and compound angles in tubing, structurals, and solid metal stock (ferrous or nonferrous), small diameter rods, small thin wall tubing, as well as plastic and stainless. We also offer drilling, tapping and deburring.

We can especially help save you money on short to long repeated runs due to the special innovations we offer in holding devices that can be used repeatedly for precise, difficult angles; we can also modify setups for “custom” stocks (like castings and extrusions) to help reduce your own labor and handling.

Material Size:

Master Metal Cutting
  • .062” dia. to 18” dia.
  • 18” x 20” rectangular
  • 14” x 36” bar grating (angle and radius)
  • 4’ x 8’ aluminum plate/sheet
  • many other applications

Saw Cutting:

  • Accurate and True Square cuts
  • Radius Cuts
  • Angle Cuts
  • Compound Angle Cuts
  • Geometric Shapes from Flats and Plates
  • Rounds/Circles cut from Flats and Plates
  • Cuts 20’ long, hex shapes, strips, tubes cut down length


  • Parts down to .030" depending on material - call for info
  • Parts up to 40' depending on material and application

Material Handling:

  • 5000# bundles
  • Side unload outside with Forklift
  • 10,000# capacity overhead crane
  • No Loading Dock, 5000# capacity pallet jacks available to move pallets onto covered trailers but bundles must be sent via flat bed trailer.
  • Bars up to 40' long

Master Metal Cutting strives for the best quality on your behalf...


(stated in normal tolerances, closer tolerances can be held {e.g. ±.005”} depending on application and cost as well as larger tolerances which affect cost)

For normal material size:
  • Under 5” dia. ± .020”
  • 5” to 9.99” ± .030
  • 10” to 13.99” ± .060
  • 14” dia. and over ± .125
For normal material length:
  • Up to 12.000” long ± .020”
  • 12.001 to 48.000” ± .030”
  • 48.001 to 96.000” ± .060”
  • 96” and over ± .125”


  1. All jobs are individual in nature and tolerance requirements and abilities may vary.
  2. Our large caliper measures up to 60" vernier where parts can be checked within ± .002" accuracy. Parts are checked across the full width of the part with surface contact running in the direction of the saw cut.

Secondary Operations:

Master Metal Cutting

1. Deburr

  • Belt Sand
  • Wire Brush
  • Tumble Deburr

2. Drilling and Reaming

  • Hole drilling and reaming available
  • Threading and tapping
  • Punching and shearing

3. Inspection

  • Standard inspection kept
  • Specific inspection records per your specification
  • We are a certified vendor for many ISO certified customers

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