What We Do...Affordable, Sensible Web Design for Individuals and Small Businesses.

We specialize in attractive, professional looking web sites that meet your needs and incorporate up-to-date technology and design principles. We combine an experienced eye with sound advice and a strong knowledge of current techniques to give your project a contemporary look and feel at a surprisingly reasonable price.

About Us

What makes our process different...

...A correct approach to site design. We don't present you with a few pre-built templates for a fixed price, you decide on a budget that works for you, and we work to produce a site within that budget that meets with your needs and approval. We do only custom work, so what you get from an earthcity site will be unique. If expectations happen to exceed resources, we work to bring the project to a successful conclusion at a price you can afford. We think our work speaks for itself, and equals or exceeds in quality the output of agencies and studios charging much more. We strive to build code-correct sites that are compliant and accessible, and leave the gimmicks to others.

A good web site is not the result of a particular technology or created with a certain application, but rather the result of a clear understanding of what the purpose of the site will be, and what the requirements for that purpose are. Sites to load quickly, work properly and consistently across platforms, and most importantly of all, communicate information clearly to be successful. A badly designed site will not present a positive image for your business, and will give poor search engine results.

earthcity websystems is based in the Minneapolis area in the United States, and we have been doing business here for over 20 years.


Terms and Conditions

If solicited for web design work...

...we will typically consult with you by phone or in person, and if necessary meet with you and determine your needs. Projects typically do not require a face-to-face meeting. All web development projects will require a deposit before any work is started. While in some cases we will be able to do a “mockup” website to show a concept, we are unfortunately not able to work on a purely speculative basis. We will work with you to establish a general budget and timeline for completion to your satisfaction. If our proposal does not meet with your approval, we will make an attempt to redesign it so that it does. This process will not create any additional obligation on your part. We will provide a written agreement for development projects on request.

We reserve the right to terminate projects that are not feasible, can not proceed due to lack of information or interest, or are not paid in a timely fashion.

Pricing for standard web sites.

All projects are by quote/estimate. Custom sites may start as low as $395. We are always willing to discuss your needs and work with you on a project budget that suits your situation. Semi-managed hosting and updating services are available.

Hosting (shared) with domain e-mail addresses (no ftp or administrator privileges) - $99/year.
Hosting (discrete account) - $159/yr. SSL - $99/year (additional).
Hosting (e-commerce) - $259/year.

Graphics and Logos

We can create many kinds of graphics and logos for apparel, business cards, etc. Contact us for more information.

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